Well ok then.
I am now living in a new house. Bought that in July. My kids are great. Still pain in the ass at time but they are kids. My wife is fine....I am fine. I still work for Walgreens. I will be going to my 6th store as of Sept 4.
I will be turning 37 in a lil over a week but Stonesword knows that already. Had a pretty good summer except that I hate moving. Lefty and others chipped in with that. umm.....I like where the RvB vids are going. If you really want to see or hear more of me I am on Facebook almost daily. Not alot else I guess. If you know something or want to know something feel free to ask. I am on vacation next week but that is pretty booked already.......yeah thats about it. Oh and I am probably the only living geek who hasn't seen Inception. That's all I got. :Later all