Okay, so my cell plan is set to expire in a month, and I'm thinking about upgrading from a regular phone to an iPhone (not a 4, though). My problem is that I have two really good offers: one from a rival provider (Telus), and a counter by my current provider (Bell).

Now, Telus has had a reputation in the past of having poor coverage, but it looks like I'm in the middle of 3 close cell towers, so that's not a huge factor, but something to consider. The thing that Telus does better is customer retention. Bell is pretty inflexible except when you have leverage (like I do now), and rarely offers extras/discounts. Telus offers extras, discounts and freebies for long-term customers. What I'm mainly looking for is cost, and data. I'm not too concerned with minutes, as I don't use them much, and I also don't plan on doing many img/video texts.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me choose which one I should choose. Here's a grid that summarizes the two plans.