Now Playing - Gone Man by Eels

Well folks, it's been a while since you had a journal from me. I was beginning to think that I had dropped off the face of the earth.

Rest assured, though, I'm doing well, just pretty busy with my work schedule. I've talked to some of you about what I do, but most of you just know that I work 'at the CN Tower'. Still others think that I'm still a tour guide... but that is so 2009, which I can assure you, good people of RvB, that is SO Two-Thousand-And-Late.

Every tourist coming to the CN Tower is offered the chance to take a souvenir green screen picture. I am the one offering that picture, and sometimes I can be the one taking the picture. This can mean that, on any given day, I interact with ALMOST ALL of the tourists coming in to the CN Tower, or the 360 Restaurant (the rotating restaurant at the top of the tower). It's actually a simple job that even a trained monkey could do, but since they have a knack for feces-throwing, it falls to me instead.

I'm actually really good at it, because really, 'crazy good people skills' remain my only solid marketable skill. That's right, I make a living with my mouth.

It's a job that keeps me pretty busy, and even though I've only been there a couple of months, I'm already one of the main trainers for the new people that come in. This is a usual pattern with me, because I generally have both the skills and maturity to do my job well, then teach others how to do the same.

I want to thank all of you folks in your interest in the Javaheads CoffeeCast (episodes here!) featuring Microbe and I, but we are on a little hiatus at the moment to work on other projects, some of which will be coming to a computer screen near you, some of which aren't even RvBTO related!

That's right, we're already working on some things for next year, because frankly, it was a huge rush to watch you guys see our kick ass opening video and be in (almost) the same room. It's quite different from doing stand up comedy, because there's not the instant feedback, which made things a little more nerve wracking, and ultimately more exhilarating when you guys dug it.

This month is going to be pretty crazy, too. in September, I have one of my favourite bands coming to town for a show! Eels will be back in town, and crazy old E has released 3 (!!) albums in the last 18 months, and there are a bunch of songs I'm looking forward to seeing live. We also have Anthony Bourdain coming in to Toronto doing a little talk and Q and A session at Massey Hall, and I will be buying tickets for that tomorrow after work. We've also got a wedding coming up the last weekend of September, so Ele and I will get all dolled up and have some fun there.

This is a rather long journal from me, so I'm just wishing all you guys the best, and a sincere thank you to my friends list for getting even more attractive since RvBTO (I'm looking at you, SocialistYam).

If there's interest, I might make my next journal a Question Journal... but right now I'm too enthralled by Tom's video journals and shiny head to think that far into the future.