Hey guys I'M BACK, miss me? The reason I havent been online was because my computer got a virus disguising itself as a anti virus program (irony). Finally got it fixed apparently its one of the hardest viruses to get rid of, the only way to get rid of it is to wipe your computer. To make sure you guys know when you got one I'll tell what it looks like. It starts with a little green shield with a check mark on it that shows up on your taskbar. It will then tell you that it has detected viruses on your computer and would like to scan it for free, you click it and the demo will start "scanning" but dont be a fool. It's not really scanning it is only a movie, once its done "scanning" it will tell you that in order to get rid of the viruses you need to purchase the actual program, DONT DO IT it wants your credit card numbers. The only way to get rid of the program is to take it to a repair store so they can do it. So if a program thats called Antivir Solution Pro shows up take it for repairs.