hey i've been getting the nicest messages from people, it's so great!!

so....these RT guys are really fucking badasses, it's been a great, huge pleasure to be able to work on the RvB stuff over the last few months.

I'm really really really glad that lots of people seem to like the music so far. the cd will have extended cuts of....well...pretty much everything thats been in ep 10, 18, 19 and 20. The music is both more rockin and more orchestral. It's definitely more epic. It's also got other stuff that your just gonna fucking love.

And yes, I gotta tell you, Matt really is talented. He really defined the whole sound of Sarge's World, just with his vocal performance. He sent me the a capella vocal, and it was like the music was already so clearly playing behind him, I just had to play the parts that seemed to already be there. I might have been stoned when this happened too.

On a different topic: have you listened to The Dear Hunter? You really should. NB the spelling of "dear".