Hopefully I will be on more frequently now.

The TL;DT (too long; didn't type) version of a full update:
Bought a house and 14 acres in a fairly remote region... Its cool.
Found an awesome (and really rare) 1 ton 4x4 van to compliment my jeep... It awesome for camping in the woods.
Still have the Jeep... Been driving the crap out of it on the local 4x4 trails
Got a little Chevy Caviler Z24 for commuting... Sadly its growing on my because its comfortable and has cruise and AC.
Still working at Lexel. Work is fun and pays well.
Working on the house like crazy... Putting in a big garage
Fooling around with the idea of building electric motors and controllers for vehicles
Got an iPhone 4... I can't live without it at this point
Got a 4 wheeler and already rolled it about 6 times down a hill breaking my hand in 3 places. The 4 wheeler was fortunately (mostly) undamaged.
Plans for world domination are on schedule. Apparently it will involve Gerbils.

What up with the RvB people (if there are any left)?
Oh yeah: Halo Reach@12:01!!!!!!1111 Yes I will be up all night... I had my vacation day planned a month in advance... :D

Now off to best buy to wait in line....