Last time I did this was 3 years ago when Halo 3 came out. Here goes

Halo 1:

Brilliant game in all honesty. It was technically the first Halo game I played but the second one I played truly. Weird I know. I loved everything about it. I had many memories of being in a clan on the PC version which is where I gained my experience as a leader of online clans. When I eventually got the game on the Xbox version after Halo 2, I played through the campaign. I loved it. It truly opened me up to love the Halo series. Even though I was killing elites, which I didn't like, it was satisfying and fun overall. Very challenging and the first time I was actually scared of the flood a bit. Bungie did a wonderful job.

Halo 2:

The first game I really played thoroughly and done every trick, glitch, and seen every easter egg possible in this game. This was the first game I started on in the Halo series for the story (multiplayer was the PC). I loved how long the campaign was. It was actually a challenging game on the hardest difficulty. Most games I played in the past were a breeze. This wasn't however. Sniper alley was my most well remembered part of Legendary difficulty first time through. It was hell. The campaign overall I really enjoyed and played it till I memorized everything. The multiplayer I never got into until a week before Halo 3 came out when I got XBL. This was the first game I played online multiplayer on console and it was a blast. Got first place my first game doing Slayer BR Pro in FFA. Legendary campaign really does pay off. And those last days before Halo 3 came out were probably the best times I ever had playing competitively period. Last game I remember was Big Team Slayer on Colossus. Best BTB game I ever played and people were enjoying it to. I made 5 friends that game. Unfortunately I lost communication with them all but I am sure they moved on with their lives and still play the Halo series and are wanting Reach. All in all, most happy memories I had were on this game that last week.

Halo 3:

I have a very different opinion to most people on this game. I love just about everything on this game hands down. MLG ruined it for me but that's another story. The campaign most people thought wasn't good, I thought was great. It was fun, not as challenging as I had hoped but it was really good. Large epic battles and awesome explosions and finally killing 343 Guilty Spark!!!!!!!!!! WIN! Anyways, as I played it the first time through, it was a blast. It felt so awesome and every moment kept me very locked in. I didn't want to stop playing. The multiplayer was brilliant at first. I'd say damn near perfect. Then update 1 came in and that's when it went downhill. MLG slowly began weaving its way into the minds of the young and competitive. It screwed them up and the insults began as well. I couldn't be an elite without at least having one insult yapped at me every game or some douche bag irritating me. The gamertags were pathetic and childish. I lost count on how many MLG (rest here) and iTz (rest here) gamertags. It got old so I went to more custom games and that was fun with friends. I have a lot of maps I made I never got to try or even balance yet. I will in Reach. CSO thrived here in the beginning and a lot of clan drama went on during its time. I will never forget it. Many good memories were made over its maps. There's still things yet to be discovered on Halo 3 and I am sure will never be found unless Bungie points them out themselves. This really made my skill in gaming soar and got me in Sniping. My swordsmanship dramatically improved here. This game was a legend and will go down in gaming history period. I thank you bungie for creating the most awesome trilogy I've ever played.

Now Reach is only 1 hour and 43 minutes away from being released in my area and my boyfriend is getting it for me. I thank him so much for doing this. I cannot wait to see what bungie has in store for us on this game. Already people on my friends list are playing it and I can tell, they are enjoying it, making me more eager to play. Bungie, you made the most awesome idea ever and you will always be in my mind as long as this game idea lives on. I plan to continue myself as an elite and finally will reveal my past now that I will finally understand what the early parts of the war was like.

- Anre 'Nar Rakam

Sangheili freelancer, now fighting for the covenant once again against the UNSC Spartans at their highest force.