Halo Reach, one of the most anticipated games of 2010. It's driving me fucking insane. The amount of people bitching that they didn't get to play it until a day or 2 after the release date. Seriously, do these people have this wonderful thing called a life? In 1 class alone, there were 4 people bitching about when they got their copies.

1 was supposed to get it 4 days before the release, because his dad knew someone who was going to get it from a store they work at, and could get it as soon as the shipment came in, but he was whinging because they held the shipment and he got it on the day.

1 was bitching because he got it the day after the release, because he got it in the mail.

1 was bitching because he couldn't get down to the store until 2 days after its release.

and the last was bitching because he got his on the day, and was weighed down with maths homework that day, and he wasn't able to play it until the day after.

Seriously, it's 2 fucking days. What difference does it make if you play it a day or two after the release? You've lived without the game for your entire life up until this point, what difference is 48 hours?

I myself being an avid 40k fanboy am going to jump with joy when Space Marine and Dark Millenium finally come out, in fact, as much as I hate pay-to-play mmos, I am prepared to pay for subscriptions to play Dark Millenium when it's released. In fact, I would probably even go on the day if I pre-ordered them, or have them mailed to me. But I would not bitch about the fact I got it the day after, and I wouldn't go to the midnight sales either. Seriously, to all the Halo obsessed people out there, quit your fucking bitching and grow a pair