After playing Reach, and having it take over my online time, I decided to give a comparison between the two biggest games of the decade. These are my thoughts about MW2 and The newest addition to the Halo Saga, Halo Reach.

Reach just doesn't have the elements MW2 does to keep you addictive and wanting to play more. Reach is fun, but the unlockables and new customization options are a joke. I want to be able customize my weapons and actually choose them when a match starts. Kill streaks encourage me to play that much better. In Halo, you're just rewarded with the announcement of a killing spree. How cool would halo be if you could create weapon loadouts and call in a pelican as a kill streak. I understand Halo is a true to its roots kind of game, but maybe 343 should take a gamble with Halo 4 and try out the elements that have made MW2 so popular. 20+ million people can't be wrong.

I personally think that MW2 was a a step down from COD4. Great game, many exciting new elements, but many of the changes kept it from being as memorable as COD4. I think its the choice of the graphics engine they used as well as the hacks and unfinished details.

Halo Reach definitely got my approval, seeing as how i was always very critical of the halo saga for being extremely repetitive, and extremely childish. This new game really took the player into a whole new gaming experience. I loved how they incorporated the different classes, and the new changes they made to the game mechanics and play style.

All in all, I feel that Reach was an astonishing game, but I still have some problems. Personally, I never really appreciated Bungie's business ethics, they always had too much control over their games, and that control would ultimately influence how the game was received by the player. Here is a list of somethings that I feel could have been improved:

smiley9.gif Have the content fit the rating
-Bungie is notorious for having all of its products in the Halo saga, rated 'M'. With this rating comes a good amount of gore and violence. However, what really upsets me is that they try to convey the mood of a lone soldier that is facing utter disaster in an on going war, with hopeless odds. And during this entire display, there is never any show of legitimate emotion or anger. Im not saying to use excessive profanities but honestly, how can you not use the F-bomb in this type of scenario. What the FUCK bungie. Additionally, one of the things that really upsets me is that they go as far as to make clan tag clean. Freedom of speech is a great thing. Too bad we cant use it.

smiley9.gif Customization
-The fact that they had a economic system in this game is great, it makes the player want to keep coming back. But there is a serious down side. What is the drive for this money? Does it have a purpose? The answer is no.The best you can do is unlock a new aesthetic choice for your player to wear during matches, or to have clouds of stink come off of your player. Why not add bonuses to armor affects, Extra magazines, stronger melee, higher shields? This could all be taken into consideration, and see as how Customization is the biggest hook point of many games today, you would think Bungie would be wise to all this to happen. Choosing a load out, or what grenades to start with would be a great addition.

smiley9.gif Repetition
-Its always the same thing with every game they unleash, a masked hero, who always taunts you with his facial appearance, who against all odds can do more than an entire planet full of soldiers. To even further drive the point, you have the same exact names of levels.

All in all Reach was a success in my eyes, I just wish that Bungie would have the creativity to take some greater chances with their options. Hopefully 343 industries makes a better choice and breaks off from where bungie left off and improves on their apparent failures.

Thanks for hearing me out! smiley12.gif