My last journal was semi-depressing, even with the cute puppy pictures. I'm still desperate for a job that offers me steady employment (I have some gigs but they are too few, and my gig at Volt won't ever give me more that a day or two a week!) but sitting around writing sad journals about it will not help me find a job. So the hunt continues.

However I also can't keep neglecting Musiter, my pet project of months of work and perpetual video and audio experience. This week the return of Musiter is Dvorak's Symphony #9 (the New World), second movement. The English horn solo is one of my favorite pieces of all time, so what better way to lift my spirits then with something that always fills my soul with peace?

The camera work was done with the help of ChurchesWife and KnucklesDawson, who graciously stood around on my balcony filming me play in our backyard. smiley12.gif