Darius knocked on the door of Mezlar's library. Caution was always necessary around the library. Darius shuddered as he remembered the time when he opened the door without knocking, and a large tentacle grabbed him and hurled him out the window of the tower. The only thing that saved him that day was the levitation spell he was taught the day before.

"Come in Darius." said a gruff and solemn voice from inside. Darius pushed open the door to find Mezlar staring into a large bowl glistening liquid, which portrayed images from across the land. Like spyglass that had no range limit and didn't need to be focused. When Darius approached the bowl, the image shimmered and a man in a deep purple robe appeared. There was something disconcerning about the man, and Darius was drawn to the elegabt staff he wielded, the top being inlaid with large, blood-red crystals.
"See this man?" Mezlar asked him.
"Yes, I do Master, but I don't recognize him."
"Well, take a good look, and remember this man, I fear we will be seeing much of him soon enough."
"Who is he, he looks as though he works for the King."

Mezlar looked uneasy as he continued to look at this man. "I have sought to end this man for some 200 years now. He has sought the same for me as well. His name is Morkta, and as far as I know he is the only other person on this world who commands as much power over sorcery as I do. His only difference is that he uses the darker powers for his own gain. However, the King has employed him in order to hunt us down.
"Morkta is organizing a group of elite soldiers to help him. They are known as The Shadow Company, they will be led by this man." Mezlar waved his hand over the bowl. An image of a hulking man with a large, glimmering battleaxe replaced the cold image of Morkta.
"This man is known only as Blackfang." Mezlar continued. "He is from the Southlands, like Vaethun, but that's where their similarities end. Blackfang is violent, ruthless, and kills in a merciless and brutal fashion."
The axe caught Darius' attention "I swear I've seen that axe somewhere before."
"You probably have Darius, a lot. The axe comes from the armory of the King himself. It is known as the Soul Ripper. Notice how it gleams in total darkness, that's because it is enchanted to take every soul the blade kills and traps them within itself, never to be freed. The souls within the blade cause it to glow with an eerie light. It is a terrifying weapon, and I've never seen it in the open, the King really wants The Shadow People gone from this world, which mean we must only persist more."
"And this involves me how?"
"You are going to Swill Harbor. Arthus and Dobar have been there for weeks planning to assassinate the Duke. My thought is that such an action will cause Morkta and his Shadow Company to show their faces in the town. I want you to try to see their numbers, and how they work. But I'm warning you Darius, Morkta will know your there if you get to close, and i have no doubts he will try to kill you if he finds you. Keep your distance. Now go, Arthus and Dobar plan on carrying out their plans in the next day or so.
"Yes Master." And Darius left the library.

Darius went to see Shaina before he left. He knocked on her door, but there was no answer. The knob turned when he tried it and he slowly pushed it open.
"Shaina?" he asked. Suddenly he was knocked to the ground, and Shaina was on top of him, laughing hysterically. "Well, you're in a playful mood this evening." Shaina kissed him, "Yes, I am Darius."
"I'm sorry Shaina," Darius said between kisses, "I don't have time to play around tonight. Mezlar has me heading to Swill immediatley."
"Aww," she helped him to his feet. "what for?"
Darius explained everything that Mezlar had told him in the library. Shaina held him close and kissed him again. "You'd better come back to me Darius, because if you don't, I'm coming to get you."
"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I have to go now, my love, I'll be back as soon as I can." Darius went to the top of the tower, and pulled his glider from the rack. Darius hooked himself in, and ran towards the arch at the end of the runway. The glider took to the air, and Darius glided towards the lighthouse of Swill Harbor.