People have commented, musician or otherwise, that the audition process is an arduous one. Spending weeks preparing excerpts, only getting a few minutes behind a screen to prove worth, having the audition committee not give a damn about what is on your resume or what experience you have, the dread of messing up one little thing and being dismissed...I agree it's not an easy process. But having gone through the "corporate" audition process a few times now (or what most of you call interviews for jobs) I have decided the music world is better off.

See when I audition it's mostly an up front, straight forward, instant affair. I play, they decide if my playing is good enough, and I find out at the audition the same day the same hour if I got the job. There's no bullshit questions, no strange tests, no waiting for calls back, none of that. I put my skill and talent out there and get instant feedback on if they want me or not.

It can be harsh, but at least it's quick and honest.

Unlike job interviews. I just finished my interview at the local Best Buy as I continue my quest for gainful employment (because oboe jobs are hard to come by and I am desperate for steady income because gas to visit my boyfriend is expensive) and if the very nice manager I talked to was telling the truth I interviewed very well and should be an asset they should hire. And she would recommend that to the GM that I will now have to interview with NEXT WEEK.

So a 30 minutes interview wasn't enough, nor was the resume or cover letter or the online 40 page test I had to fill out to even get the initial interview. And this isn't the first time I've had a second interview somewhere. Most of my professional life has prepared me to be able to win a job in 5 minutes or less and find out instantly if I was good enough or not. This multi-week process is both confounding and exhausting. What can I possibly do or not do in this next interview that would change any minds? If the GM has the final say in the hiring process why don't THEY just do the interviews right off the bat and save time? On the test when they ask "Do you care about what other people think of you?" do they really think someone is going to hit the "Never" checkbox and admit they're a selfish prick? And what about Scarecrow's brain?!

So yes the music business is a harsh world were gigs are scarce and money is tight and life is hard. But damnit at least I never have to wait a week to find out if I get the job or not!! smiley5.gif