Ok, so it's been 3 weeks since my last Journal Entry.

I do 2 subjects at school, IT and Multimedia, both have things called SATs. These are Scored Assessment Tasks, and you're given about 4 weeks to do them.

For IT, there's an Excel Task, Presentation, and Website incorporating a Survey.
For Multimedia, there's a "Product", Video and Animation.

After some of the tasks took multiple attempts to actually get it right, and others were for some odd reason corrupted and needed to be done from scratch, I've finally finished. The nightmare is over.

Although I will still have homework, the urgency/workload isn't as great, which therefore means I can get stuck into some more hobby gear. When I say hobby, I'm talking Warhammer 40k. Hopefully I can get at least an Assault Squad painted and ready over the next fortnight, but then again, there's outside factors in that.

Hopefully I'll have some real news soon