Well hey folks. Long time, no journal from me, I know. I'd better make it good.

First things first, I'm not really good at coming up with journal titles, so the song currently playing will NOW be the title of my journals. Merely a cosmetic change, but it does provide an extra sentence, should my journals run long.

I have heard several times over the past few weeks from people at both work and play, that Ele and I are some sort of 'Marshal and Lily' kind of couple, and some people are hoping to have a relationship like ours. It's certainly a nice thing to think about, but the reason why our relationship is so awesome is because it works for us. We both put a good amount of work into making something we're both very comfortable with. I just wanted to say that... for no real reason whatsoever. I mean, it's not like Ele and I have our 5th anniversary coming up in the next few months.

First, though, I have my 6th anniversary on RvB, and my journal for that occasion will be much more... involving. I have a plan.

Saw The Social Network, and I have to admit, I really geeked out on the tilt-shift used during the regata scene. Tilt-shift is used to make things look really tiny by using a simple camera trick to shift perspective. The best example I've seen is here. Also, the movie was pretty rad, so check that out if you haven't already.

Some of you folks have noticed that RvBTO dates have already been announced; July 8th-10th, 2011. We're like Justin Timberlake, but instead of bringing sexy back, we're bringing Friday back. Only 264 days to save your cash. Also, if you ever wanted to know what the entire yellow loop on the subway looks like... here's a video.

I love Toronto and I do always enjoy getting a chance to show it off to visitors, so I'm hoping to see you guys next summer. Even you, Jason. Bitch.

I know I don't really spend much time on the site, other than the NHL thread, and, as such, I'm probably going to be doing a little culling of the friends list, if only to keep it more manageable when I do show up here. If you're actually reading this, you can relax, odds are that you've probably made it. Congrats on keeping my friends list attractive and talented... and sometimes both!