So as those of you who saw my last journal may already know I have purchased a house near Slade, KY. Slade is home the the natural bridge state park as well as a portion of the Daniel Boone national forest and Cliffty Wilderness national monument... This area features hundreds of natural stone arches, the red river, cliffs ranging from a couple foot drops to hundreds of feet EVERWHERE and has beene called the rock climbing capitl of the world. Wildlife includes obvious stuff like deer as well as bears and even the occasional mountain lion. My house is just outside the "city" in an unicorparated area called Zoe. Much of the property is bordered by 60+ft cliffs and the area below the cliffs, on the other side of the road and just generally nearby consists of tens of thousands of acres of a combination of undeveloped private land (mostly) and some largely unused national forest land... Thus the isolation in many places is not even disturbed by the usual contingent of tourists and rock climbers... There are even some old growth areas with trees 6-8th in diameter... Needless to say I spend a lot of time exploring this area and being massive I use my jeep most of the time... I have discovered a number of ponds abandoned structures and other interesting features (the area featured at least one factory a railroad and 60+ houses around 100 years ago but this stuff is long abandoned or removed). Here are some pictures from my most recent trip (click to embigify):

First pic of the day... I was heading down a trail I had never explored and decided to stop so my dog could hop out for a drink at the creek that was there... She walked in the water to ensure that she was good and wet by the time she got back in but showed no interest in actually drinking any of the water. Incidentally I left my iPhone 4 in the bed of the jeep... Which of course has no tailgate. Fortunately I noticed it missing soon and was able to locate it by walking back until my Bluetooth headset connected to it. This would have made the second of my iPhones to be claimed by these woods as I lost a 32gb 3GS there once :(

I continued deeper into the woods taking turns at random and passing the inconguios site of some loser looking guys on 4 wheelers that had somehow managed to secure a small contingent of really hot females... They did not appear to be captives given their smiles and friendly waves (while the losers glowered) but I guess you never know. Eventually I came to an abandoned structure... This one newer looking than many of the others... It appeared to have been a pump house for some of the many oil wells in the area:
The pump was once served by 100a 3 phase 480v service and was probably about 30hp... The motor has been removed though.

From there it was only a few hundred feet to one of the nicest ponds I have found so far:
It is large, clean and FULL of fish... It is obviously artificial (because it was formed in a dammed up valley, has the remains of a cement spillway and there are no natural ponds of any size in this state) but who built it an why are a mystery... Especially confounding given that it is some miles to the nearest road.

I parked the jeep in the old spillway (now blocked off by a beaver damm):
To the right you can see my dog Arrow... On the run as usual.

The water was clear and inviting... Sadly it was a bit too cold to swim (for me anyway... Arrow plunged in without a second though).

There was even the rotting remains of some metal dock type thing:

Sadly it was soon time to leave... I marked the spot on my gps so I will be able to find my way back... Hopefully with jet ski :D
This was the last pic before leaving:

Anyone else have any interesting trips to share?