I spent the better part of my evening organizing my family's DVD collection, then on helping my sister and her friend on their Spanish video project. Since they're both pretty active, they didn't have any time after school together, so even though it's technically due tomorrow, today was the only day they had to work on it. Before he came over, Kim (my sister) showed me a piece of technology that looked like a... a... I forgot what it looked like, except that it awed me for a few seconds with its USB connector.

They were like prongs of doom.

I worked my ass off for four freaking hours, trying to get their thirteen minute video off that piece of sh... wanna-be alien technology. Eventually, I looked up the product and it said it would need a freaking program that allegedly came with it to get the files off completely. Whatever happened to regular camcorders?! Last I checked, they recorded just fine and only needed a cord to access the shit! I could have recorded it on my iPod and put it to disk WITH extra scenes! I can't believe that weird little thing was a requirement! Her teacher should learn to deal with what she's handed!

After the third hour, I confessed that I wanted to turn the thing on and shove it up their teacher's ass. I provided much comedy relief throughout the ordeal, cooing to the computer in between bouts of growling and nonsensical swearing. I've purged my computer of everything I downloaded to convert and merge video files. ._. I don't need them. If they bring that thing to me again, I'm just gonna drive their asses back to the school. I'll even help them sneak in if it means I won't have to touch that slime again!

I'm so glad I did my General Psychology response on Friday; otherwise, I'd feel tempted to skip that class tomorrow. I'm already tempted to skip the second part of my Sign Language midterm. *twitch* She gave us a piece of paper on what we were supposed to sign, but never clarified as to whether she'd ask anything in between or just watch us do it. If it's interactive, I'm going to tell her I didn't study apart from that and walk out. Yeah, even if she tells me to just do my best. I'm not going to deal with that.

On the bright side, my sister told me I could blame her if I bomb my midterm and her partner backed her up on that. I told him that as punishment he'd have to come over more often so I could corrupt him some more. He thinks he knows anime and that he's listened to it all... mwahaha... just by the look on his face when I turned on my Thai music, he's in for a rude awakening! XD

So I still had a bit of fun tonight. Had my friend over to watch Merlin and Billy Elliot.

Speaking of Billy Elliot, I told my teacher that was my inspiration for the Prime Minister I picked to research and he told me I could use it in my presentation in December. For the first time in my life, I'm looking forward to presenting something! 'Course, that could change once I actually get started on the research... but I like research and Margaret Thatcher seems like an interesting woman. So yeah, I'm kind of looking forward to that.

*sigh* I'm gonna go study for that midterm. It's gonna be a nerve-wracking five minutes tomorrow, I just know it... after I get home, I'll pick up my clothes (they're lying in organized piles on the floor) and pronounce my room officially cleaned. I spent most of Saturday working on cleaning it. I can see the entire carpet. It's so weird.