I think the majority of our experience with FallOut began at #3 in the series. Given my age it's kind of shameful it didn't even occur to me there was a #1 and #2...and a Tactics! Do you have any idea how long this series has been alive and kicking?! Anyway, I'm a big fan of Oblivion (Elder Scrolls 4) so of course I immediately took to FallOut 3 like a cowboy on a saloon maid, which leads us to NewVegas ;) See what I did there?

Without spoiling, NewVegas is the first FallOut in the series where you or your ancestors haven't emerged from vaults, like some garden of eden untouched by the world, to find out that there's more to life on the other side of the mountain instead of a dropoff in to the great void. I can respect that. It's #4 in the series. Every vault has been opened by now. It's post apocalyptia. Get over it.

That being the first thing I noticed, what followed was a nice surprise. NewVegas incorporates many of the old game mechanics from the DOS days of FallOut! Actually, the very first FallOut's began in the Nevada territory. For fans of the original versions you'll notice a lot of congruency. NewVegas also brings back the gambling system and traits! Sorry, no 'bloody mess' trait but there is one I'll try my second go around called 'Wild Wasteland' which I'm sure will mean aleins or something.

Gameplay has changed a bit with the introduction of HardCore mode (which I'm doing) and modification to the crafting / repair and dammage systems. Food and water actually matter now so you need to manage fluid levels and hunger. On hardcore mode, stimpacks don't regenerate limbs (you need medical bags for that) and ammo now has weight! Guess I'll have to strategically think about what I want to carry now. The reputation system is also a lot more indepth with 3 different tiers between good, bad, and ugly! I'm not sure how that will all play out but I'm sure I'll have desperados on me for being too good before the end of the week. That part got left in from #3...just don't expect to see Talon Company operating in the great South-West.

That's it for now. I'll have more as I play but in the meantime, if you haven't played the original FallOut's, I HIGHLY recommend you do before playing NewVegas. At least play 1 & 2. Well worth your time.