So, I've been developing the fight music from ep 19 and 20, making it longer, bigger, replacing some sampled sounds with live instruments, etc. Making it "better" in my estimation.

But, it's recently occurred to me that many people might not be happy with the fact that it is different than what they heard behind the video. I know that I have bought CDs of albums I had when I was a kid and was really disappointed that they sounded different....even if that was somebody's idea of better.

I've decided to include both versions on the CD. The newer versions will be individual tracks. The original versions which were in the episodes/DVD are known as the OST version. This is one single track which is around 4:00 long.

Either way, this music is collectively titled Red vs. Blue Revelation Suite. And if you're planning on fighting someone, you should totally wait til you have this on your iPod.