When in the Amazon I booked passage on a cargo barge that floated up and down the Rio Napo river from Tena Ecuador to the jungle city of Iquitos Peru. Though there were passengers its primary mission was to pick up produce, pigs, chicken, cows etc. at communities along the way for trade once we reached the Amazon river. The thing was beat up and broken but the tireless crew never stopped working to keep the boat chugging down the river. It was the lifeline to the rest of the world for the people along the river and was vital to the survival of those communities. So they could not stop and could not fail to deliver the collected goods.
One night it hit a sandbar and with a jarring bang, stopped dead. The captain ordered the whole crew overboard in the middle of the night to try and free the vessel. Despite the dark and fact the water was piranha and crocodile infested the crew hopped out without hesitation. They worked for hours pushing and pulling to get the boat free and moving again and after much cursing and yelling we were again afloat. Thanks to their efforts we made it to Iquitos on time and laden with goods to trade.
The name of the boat was Siempre Adelante or Always Forward. I like to think of me as the boat, my life as the river, and each stop as a goal in life on the way to my ultimate success. Sometimes I might get stuck on a sandbar but with the right attitude and good friends around me I know I can always push past them. Since that trip down the river my motto has been "Siempre Adelante", always forward and it has served me well in hard times. So if you find yourself hung up on the sandbars of life just remember, siempre adelante my friend