You don't even have skin!

Today Minecraft briefly turned into my own personal blocky horror movie.

I was out chopping wood on the side of a hill by my house right as the sun began to set (big props to Notch for adding the sunset effect, it's a nice touch). The axe was close to breaking so even though I was pushing how long I like to be outside, I took the extra swings to go ahead and get it out of my inventory.

My dwelling in minecraft is a nice two story cobblestone thing. Four blocks high each story, not counting the roof or floors. On the third block-level from the floor I've got a pattern of two panes of glass separated by one cobblestone block all the way around, each floor. It's (what I had considered) well lit inside and as I came over the hill and became truly dark I realized how much of a light source the place became at night and how I could even see all my chests and workbenches and such through the window.

So anyway, as I'm coming down the hill, peeping in my own house I see a humanoid figure standing in my second story that seems to move behind one of the breaks in my windows as soon as my eyes catch it. I stand there for a second to see if it appears again, but no luck. I'm confident it must be a zombie since I remember seeing arms poking out, but I'm still kind of worried it's a creeper. I also start to think my house must have become infested with monsters. I forgot to close the door to the mine, or I somehow missed a creeper that blew some unknown hole open.

I switch to my sword as I open the first floor door, quickly scanning for monsters or any perimeter breaks and find none. Whatever I saw in the window must still be upstairs so I take my spiral staircase up to hear the clanking sounds of a skeleton. I really don't want to fight him in such a flat open space but I'm not met with many options, so I pull out my own bow and led him around the staircase as we both fight our way downstairs.

He died as easily as any skeleton, and though there had been no structural damage I still felt like my home had been wrecked up as arrows were sticking out of everything. I gave the place another once over, this time able to take my time and still found no way he could have gotten in. I figure I just don't have enough lighting for the middle of the room, so until I figure out a more aesthetically pleasing solution I've just thrown torches all over the ground.

This probably doesn't sound like much of a game occurrence for most people, but something about it really struck a cord. I think it has to do with the fact that when in Minecraft I consider that my home, the one safe place I can return to in a relatively hazardous world. And I built it with my home just two Minecraft days prior, I'd finally gotten a respectable dwelling instead of my dirt shack on a beach. It was like I had an actual unknown intruder in my home, and I needed to get him the hell out as quickly as possible through whatever means necessary.