Well we all knew that, right?

Had to do homework from 9:30pm until 4 this morning, then be up at 6 thirty, just trying to get my job out of the way then get the work I need in to not fail, I'm probably gonna have the same tonight. This is my 20min chill-out time.

Remembrance day march Thursday, Unit 4 exam for IT Friday, Exams Monday, Wednesday and Thursday next week, Excursion Friday, Classes Monday to Wednesday the week after, and schools over.


EDIT: I should point out I know I'm pushing myself waaaay to hard. I don't think I'm supposed to dream about Derivatives, probability and logarithmic functions.

EDIT 2: To follow up, I got it all done, and was in bed by 2am this morning surprisingly. Only had to dedicated my spare period to maths as well. Woot, S's all round in every subject