My ex-girlfriend has been in trouble with the law for a while. I broke up with her long before she went insane... but today she passed a psychological evaluation and was allowed to return to the hope clubhouse. When she returned, she began fighting with a bunch of people and yelling at people for no good reason... Then she went totally postal. She pulled a Beretta M9 9mm pistol she stole from her dad. It was unloaded, but frightened me anyway. I told her to put the gun down now. She pointed the pistol at ME! That is when I noticed the safety was on and the hammer was half cocked, and there was light coming through the barrel, so I knew it was not chambered.

I said, "You might want to take the safety off and chamber a round before you point that at someone." It felt like I was in a movie. When she glanced at the pistol, I drew my concealed 380 ACP and took direct aim at her head, and ordered her to get down on the ground with her hands on top of her head. The police were already on their way at this point. I told her that I knew my pistol was loaded with a full magazine and a partial jacketed round ball in the chamber, cocked and unlocked, aimed at her head.

The police came. I dropped my magazine from the pistol (magazine disconnect safety and proper protocol), racked the slide to eject the cartridge, and put my unloaded pistol with the slide locked to the rear on the table in front of me, then recited the serial number and stated it is registered, then I requested to display my CWP. I was granted that by the police. The police inspected my pistol and ammo, arrested my ex-gf, and handed my unloaded pistol back to me, thanking me for my actions and for not discharging the weapon.

After all this, I asked my supervisor if I could go home, as this stressed me out a lot and I just want to take my mind off the hook. They said go for it, and thanks for taking action. Everyone at my job knows now that I conceal carry, and I have been informed by my supervisor that I am allowed to continue doing so.

What a fucked up day.

I REALLY did not want to shoot her, but I was prepared to do so. The thoughts that went through my mind at that moment were not what I expected. I thought about 10,000 times faster than I have ever thought in my life, and I realized the danger of the scenario I was in within about 1 second... but made a shitload of decisions during that moment.

Once she was on the ground with her hands on top of her head, I kept my distance, kept the pistol pointed in her direction but above her for safety as I did not want to point the muzzle directly at her the whole time just in case, and I thought about what might happen when the police came.

I'm not a hero. I am alive.

Just remember... if guns become illegal, only the criminals will have guns... But PLEASE be responsible with your firearms. If you get shot in a dangerous area of your body, you might not be lucky enough to die.