So, as I mentioned in my last journal, which was forever and a day ago, I consider myself a Bi-sexual. Well, I've found someone.

His name is David, and he's a fucking beast....

Also, I have TWO jobs now! Yippee! and I'm going to be working in the mornings and evenings, afternoons I have off.

But anyway, back to David, I met him online, on one of the sites I visit regularly (I'm not saying which one) and he and I get along so well, it's kinda scary :D But anyway,. after I get done with my job in like, 6-7 weeks and make some money, I'm going to fly out to see him, and maybe get a little naughty smiley0.gif . Please don't think of me any differently, I'll still hang out with you guys, just, I'll be a bit different, you know?

I'll hopefully be getting back on XBL soon, I might go out and buy Reach and Black Ops. Those look cool, and maybe a nice racing game to tame my inner driver, since I also went to jail the other day xD

So yeah, make a good note of this. I love each and every one of you guys in a different way.

Your friendly neighboorhood Bisexual furry from Xbox Live.