Now if some of you recall, Sony and Best Buy gave me a run around back in 06 about my complaints on my Sony TV. Well guess what....I wasn't alone. My TV and some others have/had a class action suit against Sony and I will soon have a brand new Sony 55 in LED 3D TV in my possesion. Yeah I am excited! How did I find out? A friend on Facebook told me she was selling a TV and I asked to look at it. I looked it up then looked mine up and found the info for the law suit. I called Sony and they offered me 2 TVs. The one I described and a 46 in. I wanted the larger one. What else makes this cool? I also get to KEEP my old TV!. Now you may think that means nothing cuz the picture sucks but well I find that to be awesome in many ways! Well I just wanted to tell some people who cared. Take care everyone!