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4 years ago

so i've been trying to send 2 videos to Achievement Hunter's fails of the week, and thanks to my little knowledge of the file share system i don't know how to send the game play, just record and send clips. but i know there must be some way to send the play cause they've gone through some of the other people's clips and looked at them from other angles. but i can't find an email link anywhere. please help.

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  • tFMechanic


    4 years ago

    create the desired film clip in the Halo: Reach theater system. upload it to your fileshare. go to your profile on (if you haven't created one or linked your gamertag to it, do these steps). From there you can see individual web pages for the items in your fileshare; link to the desired page in your emails to [email protected] and they can then download the clip to view in Reach themselves. They will then capture/render/whatever from whatever angle they deem appropriate.