So i'd like to start off my mentioning that it has been an extremely long time since i've last logged in let alone post a journal entry. Few years might I add. Was browsing around the site the other day and I realized that I basically left my profile here to wither and die, even though I love the RvB series and try to keep up to date w/ it.

So basically I decided that I'm going to make a better effort to visit the site (and log in) more often and I'm starting that by one, typing this journal, 2: going through and updating my profile and 3: update my friends list. I figure that if you havent been on the site for a 1+ year(s) then ill remove you. Even though that sounds kind of hypocritical b/c tht was definately me lol.

But like i said im gonna make a better effort to try and get one more so ill leave it at that.