Let's start out by saying that I just finished another semester of school and I have one more to go until I graduate. The official countdown counting today even though it's basically over:
Graduation: 133 Days
Commissioning: 148 Days

That's right in 148 days I will be a 2nd Lt in the USAF. I can't believe I am that close to something I have wanted since I was little. My AFSC is 38 FX which is a Force Support Officer. My first assignment is Luke AFB, Glendale, Arizona. I don't have my EAD date yet but, hopefully I will be getting that in March. My Tech School is 3 months long at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi. ASBC will be 6 weeks at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama. I don't have any of those dates yet.

School itself is going alright. I had the most ridiculous final this semester and I don't want to talk about it. Most of my classes were a joke and completely useless this semester. I'm sitting with a cumulative GPA of 3.71 so my hope is to keep my GPA above a 3.6 so I graduate Cum Laude. That's my goal and I think I can do it.

Personal life...I went through a horrible break up. While I was with her I lost a few friends. That never should have happened but, I have to live with that because it can't be changed. She was planning on going with me to my first assignment and things were going well and thoughts of a proposal were in the picture down the road a few months. (But, we knew actually getting married would wait until she knew the life of a military spouse is what she wanted.) But, things started getting rocky when I learned about some things she lied about and how she was talking to exes and letting what other people say and what they think effect her and our relationship. We had a breakup for a few weeks and I learned she met a guy an in not even a week and a half he wanted a relationship with her. Well we tried to work things out and then I was busy one weekend and we didn't talk much or hang out and she made plans to go to a Jazz game with this guy she said there was nothing going on with. Well that was the point I said fuck it. She told me she didn't have fun at the game and it wasn't like the game she and I had gone to and they had left early. Well at that point she learned that I was done with it and two days later they were apparently in a relationship. So it's been a slow road but, I'm moving on in my life.

Something I wrote during that time was, "Life will throw you curve balls and speed bumps but, how you respond to them makes you who you are. I have to hold my head up high and continue being who I am and not let what has happened affect what I will become."

Since that time I have been getting back in touch with friends I never should have fallen out of touch with. It's been helpful with everything going on. So true friends have really emerged as well.

My family is living and working in Oregon now. Well my dad just accepted a job so I will be helping him pack up the house and help him move up there so we can also spend one last Christmas together as a family. This could be the last one for a while. The one nice thing is the house wont be put on the market until the spring so I will have a 3000+ square foot house all to myself!!

So this next semester I have my last formal dining out with ROTC and I'm going to take a chance and ask a girl that I have no idea if she will even want to...but, why not ask her? It's worth a shot. Other than that event I don't really have anything big coming up this semester.

So this was kind of a condensed update...those that wanted one are you happy now?