Turning in my RvB card for the final time. Pretty much done. I think five years was a good run- or really six in exactly a month. Oh well. This place has held a lot of great memories for me, but also a lot of bad ones and emotional stress I do not wish to deal with any more or think of.

Idiots prevail, the smart ones leave. I may not be perfect but you should have waited for me because I was worth it =\ Enjoy your debt and chasing younger women. Idiot. Thanks for not making an effort to move for me when I would have done it for you. Selfish bastard. Thanks for showing your true colors and just how heartless and selfish you can be. YUP! The internet is surely filled with assholes and idiots!

To a few I still care about here- I love you all. But I am done with this place. I'll be moving to the West coast by the end of Summer. Los Angeles, California to be my exactly location. I'll live there and work for a year to get my residency so I don't HAVE TO PAY OUTRAGEOUS OUTOFSTATE FEES. DERP. So I'll let you guys know when that will take place via email: brittany.barber@gmail.com

Yes I am a harder woman and have become more bitter- loosing your best friend in the world who is also your mother does that to you. I am more focused on what I need to do for myself and I know now when to let go. Let idiots make their own mistakes without thinking about how much work goes involved in moving, getting financial aid and the like. At least I have a plan where I have options where I wont be left disappointed and broken.

Peace out people.

-Brittany "Trinity" Barber