So... Gotta vent... Here is my iPhone sega:
Jailbroke my iPhone 4 using redsn0w... It worked fine (I guess... Took it awhile but it went pretty smoothly.
Got MyWi 4.0 for tethering since i have no internet at my house. The 3 day trial worked great... So I tried to buy the full version for $20. It took FOREVER via EDGE (all I have at my house and no real internet is available) but it finally went though and installed. Then it said "requires reboot" and promtly rebooted without giving me a chance to stop it. The jailbreak however is tethered.. Meaning it needs a PC with redsn0w to boot... Which I had on my computer. At work smiley5.gif
Fortunetly I remembered that I had cleverly burned this and the MASSIVE iphone firmware to a CD... I went out in the snow and ice to my car at 11pm and managed to find the CD... What a lifesaver! Put everything on my PC at home and tried to put it...
No luck.. It kept freezing partway though and there was no making it do anything else. So I went ot restore it.. Only to discover iTunes required an internet connection to do a restore dispite the fact that I HAD THE FIRMWARE ON CD!
Ghey. Massively, Massively ghey.

So I went to bed.

This morning (when I am supposed ot be celibrating my birthday) instead I took my non functioing phone, my CD, cables and my sister POS laptop (my laptop runs linux so it won't work and my windows pc is a desktop) to the libary to give iTunes the internet it assumes that all people should be equipped with. Booted the phone in recovery mode and went to install my firmware off CD so I could avoid the massive download only to find that the CD drive is MIA... The computer is not even recognizing that there is a DRIVE let alone a disk... So... I bite my lip and download the 700 some-MB fire... 40 minutes later: "iTunes cannot restore this iPhone. An unknown error has occured"

W. T. F

So... As a last ditch effort I try downloading iTunes 10 or whatever the latest version is... It takes 1.5 HOURS to install... I was sure it was frozen several times.... So.. FINALLY it installs and I go to attempt another restore... Nope.. It wants to download the stupid file AGAIN! So I try a custom restore and manually browse to the file ITS not fucking there. The goddamm iTunes installer deleted it.

So now i am downloading it AGAIN.

Somebody please shoot me.