For those of you who don't know, a long time ago Rooster Teeth debuted a new feature on the site...
It was called RT Live...
They opened a chat room and streamed all of RvB Season One to over 1000 people. I met some awesome people on there, and it was one of the best times I had on the site.

The chat stayed open for a long time after that, and a small community formed around it. That's where the RT Live Group was born.
They ended up streaming a few more things on RT Live over the months, but the server strain was too intense so unfortunately, it was eventually brought down.
Our small community moved over to TeamSpeak 2 where we hung out frequently and even recorded some ridiculous podcasts.

Over a year later now we're still coming out but now it's TeamSpeak 3 and we're gonna try to bring the group back in a slightly new way.

We invite you to join us to hang out and chat. For new RT releases we'll be reviving the spirit of RT Live and discussing content as it's posted. Come stop by, bring your friends, and have a good time!
Drinks and snacks on the house.