Just got done with jury duty on a 4-day trial. Now that I'm free to talk about it all I want I may make a journal tomorrow or something detailing the thing if anyone is interested. I've never been on jury duty before. So I found it pretty interesting. The case was about a guy who was accused of exposing himself to a six year old. Deliberations took for fucking ever. We went into the jury room like 2:30, and we left it at like 10:30. It got very 12 Angry Men for a while there.

So let me know if you want to hear the thrilling tale. As a precursor here are some quotes:

"One of them was called, 'Butthole Bunnies.'" - Mother of the child in question

"Unless like his pants just accidentally fell off and he decided to go with it." - Me

"Did he just say, 'the military position'?" - Council for the defense