Sorry about in activity!

Commissions Information

I’m opening up free commissions. Right now only four slots and I won’t be starting on them for at least a week but I figured I could use some brain storming time anyhow.

So to be clear they’re completely FREE for now. Whatever it is you’re wanting, background or no, full body or bust up, all free.

They can be mixed media(mostly digital) or just pencil. Specify. Examples of each type below.

Pencil: Example One, Example Two.

Mixed Media: Example One, Example Two.

Pencil will NOT be colored, just black and white, mixed media WILL be colored and inked.
I have four slots but one is already taken by South Dakota on LiveJournal ( South Dakota ) so I currently have three slots open. If I get more than those slots for requests I’ll put you on a “Waiting List”. It will mean I can’t be actively working on your commission until I finish one in the current slots. Basically the sooner you request the sooner you’ll receive your commission.

I WILL do OCs and/or profiles.

I WILL do characters from any fandom or universe.

I WILL do near nudity.

I will NOT do nudity.

I think that’s all of my “rules”, I might add more if I think of them.

So if you want to commission me while they’re still free, fill out the form below and send it to me as a PM(or on DA a “Note”) ASAP:

Contact Information: (I need at least one way I will be able to contact you. A Skype, Yahoo!, LiveJournal or DeviantArt account preferably. But just a place you’re actively on at least once every other day in case I have questions)

Request: (Just overall what you’re commissioning me. For instance, “My OC Jack!” or “Wash in a dress!”)

References: (For OCs it’s nice to have a link to a profile and picture. A description of some type should be included of the character/characters)

(Optional)Poses and/or other specifications: (Basically anything else I should know about)

(Optional) Due Date: (When you MUST have your commission. Please allow at least a month for it to be completed once you’re in a slot)

Slots(To be updated accordingly):

1. South Dakota's - No Progress

Any other questions you can ask in the comments.

Thanks to anyone who is willing to commission me! :D