...just very forgetful, and busy, and a whole lotta other things.

Wow, I REALLY don't get around to updating this thing, do I? Fail on me... >.< Anyway, life's been good since having to deal with some family issues. The past year's essentially been to deal with that (or rather, help lift things up for me). Many contests won, many great prizes won, PAX Prime kicked ass, and I started working again. Fun times, most certainly.

Been a bit rough again over the past month, though. Saw two family friends suffer big losses in their families. Got a viewing to attend after work tomorrow which is always a hard thing for me, seeing them mourn, trying to comfort them as best I can. Still, losing your mother or son is just gut-wrenching... Thoughts and prayers to them, most certainly.

Other than the highs and lows, I've just been keeping myself busy as much as I can. Went to Video Games Live this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hadn't gone since they first started back in '05, so seeing how much they've grown is pretty awesome. Also been trying to do more writing as of late. Working on a script for a short some friends and I will shoot this coming summer. Also working on a bigger writing project that's in the process of polishing and the like.

I'm also looking into digital cameras, specifically more higher-end ones to try and spark my photography hobby again. I've been wanting to get a higher-end camera to do such a thing, and now that I'm working, I'd like to follow through on that and get something that'd be very nice and take good quality photos. On top of that, I'm also saving up for a trip to Japan in the (not-so) near future, so having something like that would also provide ample photo ops for me.

So, yeah, that's life in a nutshell for me right now. I've gotta make a note to keep checking this thing and not just leave it to its devices (or something). Take care everyone, catch ya on the flip side.

,,,or something.