One of these days, when I have a few hours of free time and a few bottles of beer, I will tell the complete story of my week and a half stint running the carousel at my local mall. The tale is full of hope, fear, surprise, suspense, insanity, backstabbing, and cotton candy. I may forgo the journal and just write the screenplay for the movie immediately. Spielberg may want to buy it.

But let's not dwell on the past in this journal but push forward to the future. A future filled with employment.

Last week began with being let go from said Carousel job (and includes said story to be told later) which was not an auspicious beginning to the week. However this week began with a much more promising start because of three things:

1. Luke arrived
2. Interviews arrived
3. Fun stuff arrived (Star Wars Burlesque thanks to Ashley, parties thanks to Kitty, movies thanks to Casey)

1 and 3 need no extra explanation, but 2 needs elaboration. The short version of the long stories are that after several interviews and hard work I managed to snag not one but TWO job offers between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Job #1 is a part time job at a stage theater in their box office. I start this Thursday with a meeting about their subscription series going on sale. This is an exciting job because it's in my field (the arts in general), I have stage theater box office experience, and one of the perks is free tickets to all sorts of awesome musicals and bands. If you watch my Twitter and saw me tweet about an amazing interview that included the question "If you could have one super power what would it be and why?" that was for this job. Us artsy people are fun.

Job #2 is a full time job for a large dog walking and pet sitting company in Seattle. The pay is really good, the job is awesome (I walk happy dogs all day, who'da thunk?), and the owner is so swamped with work that I can pick up as many hours as I desire. It's not quite as glamorous or artsy as working in the Theater, but I get paid to play with puppies. And get exercise while doing it.

So this week will be spent finalizing and coordinating schedules, waiting for background checks, and peeing in cups. But if all goes well by next week I'll have more work then I know what to do with! Yeah steady happy employment!!

Thanks to everyone who sent me love and support the last few weeks. It was appreciated more then you could ever understand. smiley12.gif