Am having a major fight with Ryan's X-box. I've been playing Mass Effect 2 on a profile that doesn't access X-box live. Ryan has his profile on the same console and has downloaded extra content from x-box live. There was a message on the console saying the DLC was corrupted but I figured that if I didn't use it there was no problem.

Started playing the game on my profile with no problems until this morning. Tried to load my game when the baby went for a nap. The message displayed said that it 'couldn't find the content'. I hadn't even tried to use it, but the game won't load without it.
Went to Ryan's profile to try and download it again but still got the same message when I tried to load the game. Was going to try deleting it and downloading it again, but can't see how to do it. For now, it looks like we cannot play this game on the console at all. Can't help but be a bit pissed off.