Luke is still selling his B2T painting. Someone want to buy it for me? smiley8.gif

Speaking of painting, if you've been watching my images you probably saw the finished version of Klayed the Cleric up in my images. That's a front and a back version, but here's another shot of just the front that shows off the color a bit better:


I'm pretty damn proud. Now I'm not allowed to be another character for a while, because that was a lot of work!

Finally if you are a fan of Fat, Ugly or Slutty you might have recognized the image that was posted today. That's because i posted it a while ago in my images...because it's from me. In fact the ones from yesterday are from me as well.

I love this site. It's funny, it's shows why sometimes us girls stay silent in pregame lobbies, and it reminds me that I'm not alone when it comes to idiots on XBL.