The Truth about Rex.

4 years ago


My son yesterday dropped a stunning revelation while looking at a the Toy Story 3 coloring book. "Mom! Rex is an Allosaurus!" I'm like, whut?

He pulls out his T-Rex toy as reference. "See! A Tyrannosaurus has only 2 fingers. Rex has 3. Allosaurus has three fingers." (Facts he's absorbed from watching dino documentaries.)

Wha? What? What?!!

I look it up. He's absolutely correct. Allosaurus has three fingers, T-Rex only 2.

Rex of Toy Story is really an Allosaurus! Oh, the scandal! We've been tricked! LOL!




And it took a 7 YO to discover this. I feel so dumb.


PS: BTW, this makes my 101st journal entry. How the heck did I make that many journal entries?!

PPS: Did someone pick up the tab to my sponsorship recently? I discovered late last month that my sponsorship had expired and my Paypal auto-payment was cancelled for whatever reason. When I went to pay, I discovered my sponsor star was back...but no clue how. Anyone want to fess? I want to gratefully thank you! smiley12.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley13.gif

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  • ZetaZasco


    4 years ago

    You forget ONE DETAIL: The dinosaur was named by a child, who didn't grow up with the internet back in 1995. So of course, they see an Allosaurus and name it "Rex!!" might be better that you don't read too much into it for parental headache's sake!!

  • DocRossim


    4 years ago

    Of course!
    Unless it's just that the toy-makers didn't know that much about dinosaurs.

    Why did the archaeopteryx catch the worm?
    Because it was an early bird.

    I didn't renew your sponsorship, I don't know who did...

  • NeoNK1


    4 years ago

    kids are so much more advanced than we are. i was a dinosaur nut when i was a kid, i didnt catch this one because i just probably dismissed it because it was a cartoon toy. lol. awesome catch though. smiley13.gif

  • BuckeyeDon

    BuckeyeDon Crackpottist

    4 years ago

    You can find out by clicking on 'Sponsor' thing at the top right (I do believe).

    What I find intriguing, is that I have renewed two sponsorships for two 'old' friends of mine and they have yet to see that they are sponsors. And they both have made mention about their non-sponsorship...

    That's why I love them!

  • BaghdadBean


    4 years ago

    Kids are sponges. It's amazing.

  • SuperPriv4te


    4 years ago

    Beats me. These sort of numbers creep up on you don't they? smiley1.gif
    Heh, today my friend only just realised the significance of him being a "Nervous Rex"