So I'm pleasantly surprised by this semester, heck even this whole year so far. I got all the classes I needed. I've had some really fun times with some old and new friends. I even got my tickets to Comic Con ( well technically my sister's tickets because I'm a super nice older sis).

I'm really excited for this summer. I'm planning on dying my hair bright red (yes I'm currently in my hair experimentation phase, and the only experimental phase I'm in by the way). I'm also getting a short black wig for one of my coplays. I haven't had short hair (on my whole head anyway) in five years so I'm looking forward to that. /girly hair moment

So past month...I turned 20. Woo. Luckily I'll turn 21 just in time for the apocalypse. So I can drink all I want while the world ends :D Next month, hopefully I can get my hands on some money so I can get my grubby little hands on some new games.

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