Just finished reading an article on CNN (I hate them) about Westboro Baptist Church protesting funerals for fallen soldiers in Kansas... I can't even find the words for the level of blood thirsty hatred that I'm seething through my pores right now.

Albert Snyder, the father of a Marine who paid the ultimate sacrfice in Iraq, is trying to bury his son in peace. But, these ignorant, self-important, cowardly idiots are making that impossible. Maybe I should start protesting the funerals for any member of their fucking congregation. How would they feel if I started showing up at the funerals for priest / preachers / etc. accusing them of filling our nation's children's heads with lies?

I can tell you what I truly want to do; Deep down, I want to load up with as much ammo as I can carry, a nice assault rifle and maybe a .45, and gun each of these pussies down. Will I do that? No. Because as much as I want to, I am better than that. And better then them. Just like the soldiers who's funerals they are protesting. We have the common respect to not disrespect our fellow Americans like that. Funny how these people we swore to defend at all costs couldn't give a fuck less about us. I hope they die a horrible death. Slowly, and painfully... Just to reach the end, and find that this "God" they believe hates soldiers so much, is in fact a lie. And if he is real, I'm pretty sure these fuckers will all burn in hell.