Well now, I see I am no longer a sponsor :( But that's fine, considering I don't really come here much anyways, I still keep in touch, and Kaidofkings is going to draw me :D SQUEEEEEEEE

Anyway, I haven't been coming back much, due to lack of interest, not in you guys, just, RT in general. I don't find it as... addicting as I used to. Other than that..

My relationship has been AMAZING, guess who's no longer a virgin? ME :D Flew out to see David a few weeks ago, and god DAMN is he a great kisser. At first he sucked, but he quickly picked up.... and then the rest of the night went on from there.

As for Xbox Live, I still play, in fact, every day.... if you ever want to invite me, you're more than welcome, though mostly I've been playing DJ Hero 2, Got some pretty hard achievements, like, *5 Star the hardest song in the game* achievement :P

I might come back every once in a while, just to see if Kaid finished the picture, which, I'm sure she will soon, I put no rush on perfection if you're reading this Kaid :D

Alright, well, that's the overhaul update, glad that some of you came back to read this, sorry I've been gone, I'll try to come back more often.