Wow. Three months, and no journal. I guess I haven't had much to say: first time for everything, I guess.

I actually went back and read many of my journals recently - predominantly the ones I have written since I came back from America. In all honesty it was a little depressing - so many things I said I'd do, that still remain undone. That being said, things are in motion to a degree: Hodges has a job, and as of now the two of us (and a third friend) are looking for houses to rent in Plymouth. This means some (rather overdue) independence, as well as a greater level of opportunity: Being in the city means proximity to many more gig venues. I've been maintaining a reasonable number of gigs recently, but hopefully now I can up my game and start making some good money.

Still struggling to write, though. I find it impossible to get over my inhibitions. Whenever I have an idea, I'll instantly tell myself it's rubbish and give up. Any of you have any advice for fighting this?

I'm thinking about going away again, at some point. It was nearly three years ago that I went travelling, and even though to some degree I haven't fully recovered from last time, I feel like I need to do something like it again, if only to combat that feeling of 'I have done all the fun young-person things I'm ever going to do'.

Oh, and you may have seen my latest toy: I finally bought the Mandolin I've had my eye on, and it's just as awesome as it looks. Fun to play, too! I'm hoping to work it into my set soon.

So yus, how are you all? What's new? And are any of you going to RvBTO this year? I think I may just put in another appearance.