I'm pretty sure I've just made an attempt to meet and greet all the RFR people from my FU day.
Let's see how this goes. I'm not a fan of people that don't make a little nice!
I'm still debating whether or not I'm going to sleep tonight.
Work is at 5 am EST and it's already almost 11 at the time of me writing this.
I have loads of homework (not all necessarily due tomorrow but I'm sick of being way way behind) and way too much running around to do tomorrow to want to do any at all tonight.
Hmm...Decisions decisions.
Well, we'll see how this goes. At the moment it's not looking too good. I'm about to put on The Walking Dead, and convert another person to the awesomeness of the show.
In the meantime I'm gonna enjoy my beer, kick back and relax for a moment.

And on a random side note, I'm relatively sure the zombie apocalypse has started out here in Maine. I seriously passed three different cars all running with their lights on and their doors wide open parked in the middle of the road. One of them was even cock-eyed. Needless to say, the creepiness factor sparked the need to re-watch the series.

I have my zombie plan, do you? smiley0.gif