I lost a bet and now have to watch Beck every week and make some kind of chronicle in my journal. I've only watched one full episode of Beck in the past, and I was pretty blown away. He's just thick with this whole global conspiracy thing. If you've ever read anything about Jews controlling the world you basically know the idea, except he doesn't specifically say jews, just kind of implies it.

He opened making some kind of explanation of how nuclear power plants work using kitchen wares and M&Ms. There wasn't much point to it, other than to show that even if things went horribly wrong in Japan that it would only kill a couple thousand people. He made a point that he was criticized for being apocalyptic, but then pointed out that the news making a big deal out of this whole Japanese power plant thing was pretty silly and overblown, since it would only kill a couple thousand people.
He says the real concern, which the media with it's obvious agenda won't cover, is that the american dollar will collapse. How many people will die of hunger then, huh, huh? He then went on to complain again about George Soros setting up the world, and pointed to some old stained glass window, saying it was socialism or something. I really kind of phased out here and payed more attention to screwing around in Desert Bus. It's the same kind of stuff I heard when Jeff made me watch an episode a few months ago, he must just hammer this shit home every single night. I guess I'll find out this week.
Then at the very end of the episode he told some story about a family being murdered in the middle east. it really had no purpose, other than to demonize Muslims as far as I can tell. He mentioned how this was real evil, and God would judge these people. It was kind of freaky, I don't remember that kind of talk being in the episode I watched. He's getting closer and closer to a the crazy guy on the street corner with a worn bible at an alarming rate.

Some highlights from tonights episode are:
He constantly belittled global warming by mentioning cow farts and rolling his eyes.
He said the protests in Wisconsin were anything but peaceful, comparing them to riots in the middle east.
"If I didn't believe communists were evil..."
"God is not neutral in these things" He seemed to be implying God would strike down his enemies, and God was on his side. When I first saw him it was the global conspiracy theory stuff that weirded me out, this kind of talk honestly disturbed me a bit. I can't believe this man has his own show, that people actually watch, people that aren't bad at predicting the Oscars.