The very first thing I noticed was Beck was dressed a little off. He's always got this fake professor thing going on, but today his shirt was really scrunching up his collar. It was really distracting.
He criticized the president for not talking about Libya or Japan enough. He also kind of mocked national woman's day or whatever it's called. He was upset that the president has March Madness picks. When things are serious no one is allowed to have fun, but Beck did take last week off to hang out with his family and blog pictures of him making sculptures, so whatever.
He mentioned George Soros again, this time not really connected to anything. He really is some kind of Beck boogie man, I'm surprised he doesn't stop to spit every time he says his name.
He made some tasteless jokes about Godzilla too.

This is a lot less structured than the last journal, but that's because tonight was hella repetitive. He once again tried to calm everyone that Japan isn't a big deal, and then go on about this total global meltdown organized by some new world order would be the end of everyone and was the real concern. He even replayed himself from the night before explaining how reactors work.

Highlights from tonight

He had a tube of aluminum foil on his desk. This was never mentioned in the show. I can only imagine that when the broadcast is done, he whips up a fresh tinfoil hat.

The professor shit is really killing me. He's got about six chalkboards on the set with random conspiracy theory shit written on them that never comes up in the show. He'll go over and mark stuff on them, but none of it's really relevant to what he's talking about. He just likes pretending to be or mocking professors or something.

"Ghost Cities. Google gho- well don't Google, Bing Ghost Cities..." Hahaha, I'd totally forgotten he thinks Google is out to control us all or sell us to the government or whatever shit. I finally know the kind of person that uses Bing though.

Also, please tell me this RAGE shit is done tomorrow. I keep fucking clicking it by accident, it's ridiculous. It's also screwed up the page format for me a few times.