Late entry here. I was away from my computer yesterday, but I did indeed watch Beck. It's been a while and I wasn't able to take notes, but Jeff can attest that I did indeed watch it, and it was probably the worst episode of the week.
This was probably his least conspiracy theory like episode, but the one where his personality was by far the worst. He mostly ranted about the three little pigs and Obama being in a conspiracy to take away our guns. We're obviously going to need our guns when the dollar collapses and we're living in our mad max future. I'm surprised he's not already sporting a mohawk. Actually he probably sees himself more as a Humungus figure.
He then dressed up as Mr. Rogers and told the story of The Three Little Pigs, complete with illustrations. Mostly he was making a point of how the old story prepared children for the fact that evil was in the world and they would be eaten if they didn't properly prepare but today there's a version where the pigs learn to get along with the wolf. He used this as an opportunity to mock artists and drew Nancy Pelosi as a goat woman.
He really seems to like this us versus them mentality. He believes there are people who are evil and can never be reasoned with, and should therefor probably be put down like dogs in the streets. My highlight quote from last night was something like "...and then we'll all sing together in peace and harmony and dance with our kumbayas. I believe if we did that, HALF OF US WOULD BE DEAD!" Remember, there can be no peace until all your enemies are dead.

Forgotten EDIT: He also mentioned a school system putting out some notice that they would be tackling the problem of bullying and harassment complete with school wide assemblies that might include parents in the local community. He thought the idea of the school contacting him about problems in the school was ridiculous. He then played the clip of that kid getting body slammed by the guy twice his size (complete with the Street Fighter music) and said this was all the intervention a bullying problem needed. Remember kids, be twice the size of the people bothering you and then solve your problems with overly excessive violence.