Yesterday I felt it coming. The itch at the back of my throat, the post nasal drip, the slightly headache kind of feeling....oncoming sickness. I also had to work for 12 hours.

I made it through the day and today feeling a bit worse but still OK in general. Also I was done and home by 4pm. So in an attempt to keep from getting sicker instead of joining all my wonderful friends out to party on St. Patrick's Day I'm staying home. Of course I made a grocery run for OJ, and then had to get port wine cheese because it makes me happy, and now I'm having crackers and cheese and orange juice and killing people on the Defiant Map Pack.

I medicate myself with food and slaughter.

On the bright side I'm getting my tax return soon, and money from my new jobs are rolling in, so I'm going to actually spend some quality time this weekend buying D&D stuff for fun. I think I need metal dice.