fathers, all of them bastards like him.

Tonight's show main focus was on Obama being a weird president and out of touch with the people. He compared him to a couple monarchs, and then tried to tie him back to that reverend that was mentioned during the election. He tried to paint him as an anti-Israelist and enough of his "associates" as anti-semites to link him as one as well.

Mostly he threw magnetic heads heads up on one of his chalk boards to connect all these people together, and then vaguely connect them to Obama.

The show took a weird note when he said the president should have given a speech from the oval office after the Japan disaster. He then proceded to give this speech himself. He made up his own presidential speech, and gave it in front of an oval office backdrop and everything. That seems like a really fucking weird thing to do to me.

At the end of the show he made a kind of joking note about how he makes Obama's life a living hell. I think that's giving a little too much credit to the impact of Beck.

Oh, he also actually says New World Order. I thought that was the kind of thing reserved for people who believe in disguised reptiloids living among us.