Tonight, the final night, was actually probably the easiest of all of Beck nights. He was really disjointed in the beginning, bouncing from Libya to socialists to the president not being the president, but I think he was just trying to pack some news in before he got to his huge Japan segment. He also squeezed in some mocking of France.

As mentioned most of today was spent drilling up donations to the red cross for Japan. He had some author on and what seemed to be just some random Japanese dude, and they talked about Japanese honor and shit for most of the show. Pretty boring stuff compared to most weeks.

Oh, I nearly forgot, right before going into that he talked about the apocalypse. And not like the dollar collapsing America going through shit apocalypse, but the God and hellfire type stuff. Says signs from revelations are pointing to it. So he seems to be losing it at an exponential rate. There's been talk of him not being around another year, and I'm starting to believe it.