So it was a nice ride but my Vauxhall Corsa was nearing the end of its life, and my choice was to either spend too much money fixing it OR to purchase a new car, so I opted to buy a slightly newer car with a bigger engine, boys and our toys, I now am the proud owner of a Vauxhall Astra, it goes really fast :P at least I think it's fast, definitely faster then the Corsa which suits me just fine

Sadly even my new car seems to have some problems so I still need to fork out some cash on getting it back to 100%, now I know none of this isn't Red vs Blue related so anyone watching me right now might be like -1 WTF is this, to very nicely tie this in, Rooster Teeth have recently announced they are going to have Rooster Teeth Vanity Plates, I want to call dibs on either MUFFINS or SHT GUN or SCK IT BLU... I would have called dibs on COCKBITE but I believe that's already taken smiley4.gif