Let me explain.

I'm 22 years old now. I was 15 when I started this blog (14 if you count when RvB used to be a forum (MAN I am old school O_O)) I live at home and I find out on Wednesday if I get a rental house I've applied for with 3 others. I'm damn excited. This excitement is tinged with sadness tho. I recently (February) got a job! I work in a fantastic pet store that sells animals and products. It's something new everyday.

On Wednesday I got dumped. 2 and a half years meant nothing anymore to him it seems. It hurts. Then again I fucked up. What I did was the trigger not the cause tho. Still... deep down I know we probably wont be together again... but I want us to be. *sigh*. I'm going to school still nearly finished my course, it pretty much qualifies me to work in a pet stop ha!

Ramble ramble.... Trying to love life when it's broken it hard but I will carry on.